Practice Areas > Police Misconduct

Police officers are given wide authority to perform their duties and protect our community. However, there are occasions when a police officer may cross the line and exhibit behavior that exceeds the allowable conduct or police practices permitted by law. During those circumstances a victim of police abuse may have a claim against the individual officer, police department and/or municipality that employed the officer.

The attorneys at Friedman & Moses are experienced in representing victims of police abuse. Some examples of police abuse cases handled by our firm are:

  • False arrest (arrest without probable cause)
  • False imprisonment (unjustified or unwarranted confinement)
  • Police brutality and/or excessive force
  • Racial profiling

The attorneys at Friedman & Moses understand that being the victim of police abuse is a devastating and humiliating experience. Every effort is made to ensure that our clients are counselled with sensitivity and care. It is our aim to make sure that clients that have suffered from police abuse are given a just result so that they may have a renewed sense of confidence in our legal system.

If you, or some one you know, is the victim of police misconduct please contact Friedman & Moses to discuss the merits of the case.